Castro takes on Austin College

After a hectic and exciting couple of months, the Austin College coaching staff gained the commitment of full back Sebastian Castro coming out of Stephen F. Austin High School located in Sugar Land (TX).

The coaching staff couldn’t be more excited to have him and can’t wait to see what this upcoming season has in store. Their ultimate plan, of course, is to win, win, win and with the significant help of full back Castro there’s simply no question about that!


Sebastian Castro visiting Austin College.


Why Austin College?

With the hard battle between Austin College and Midwestern State University, Austin College just completely stole Castro’s heart and it was set in stone that the Roo’s were the one for him. Given the opportunity to further his football career on the collegiate level he couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I got a few offers but I’m happy I’m given the opportunity to shine just a little bit longer,” The 5’8 full-back said.

In regards of Austin College being a rather small campus, his love for the school grew even stronger.

“I fell in love with Austin College because of the beautiful campus as well as the life surrounding it. It was big enough to get lost within but small enough not to lose myself. My visit was fun and the family that the team shared was intriguing.”

The Austin College coaching staff definitely didn’t forestall with the family environment, they made certain Castro understood that not only was he joining a good football program but yet a second family that truly cared for one another.

Pros and Cons of Austin College:

Pros: “I’m finally on my own in a college that is extremely unique and highly educational.”

Cons: “I’m finally on my own and far away from home. It’s gonna be hard getting over being homesick.”

When it came down to making his final decision it seems like this became the best fit for Castro. The Roos have definitely acquired a talented full-back who can come in and make an immeditate impact to an already successful program.

Congratulations Sebastian Castro and good luck on your future endeavors!






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