Sleeper Academy aka Zoe Sports Performance

“Where the unknown gets known.”

Do you have strong faith, passion, determination, perseverance, and the desire to be great? If so, Zoe Sports Performance is the place for you! From early child development, to youth and adult fitness don’t look any further.

Over the past couple of years Zoe Sports Performance has produced some of the finest athletes from all over the Richmond (TX) area. Many of the most notable athletes that most sports fans hear about in the media these days started their journey in Coach Ford’s facility. Such as Kansas’ wide receiver  Steven Sims Jr and Michigan’s catcher Brock Keener.

About Zoe’s Sports Performance

zoe sports
Coach Alonzo Ford (Zoe) believes that anyone has the capability to be GREAT.

What started off as a vision was transformed into reality. Coach Alonzo Ford (Zoe) has always had a yearning passion for fitness and intertwining fitness with young athletes. Coach Ford’s career sprouted during college, he served as captain of his university football team and was voted Most Inspirational Player in 2005. His vision driven by his energy for empowering clients of all foundations and ages to endure, remaining decided, and blending the yearning to win is only a preview of what this man can and will achieve. Coach Ford is not only a Certified Personal Trainer, he is also a guaranteed TRX teacher and a Performance Enhancement Specialist. He has prepared NFL, MLB, and various Division 1 competitors and keeps on sharing his gifts by facilitating sports execution and wellness classes in addition to specializing small group offerings and individual training daily.

“Unlike most, I didn’t grow up with my biological parents, I’ve always had others in my life such as other family members like aunts and uncles. I feel like in the athletic world especially if I would’ve had someone like myself in my life at an early age I don’t know where i’ll be,” exclaimed Ford.” “I try to give that back to the kids I train now so they won’t make the same mistakes as me.”

Zoe’s Team

With a solid experienced group behind him, there’s nothing Coach Ford isn’t able to do. His team comprises of Coach Delmonico Montgomery, Coach Darious Oliver, Coach Kennis Lewis, Coach Josh Bell, and Coach Devin Lee; all which have different athletic foundations from playing professionally to the distance of playing Division 1 on the collegiate level.

“It’s not that I wanted to open my own gym, I just wanted to help children. My passion truly came from one of my projects called The Alf Project (The Always Look Forward Project), I started it in 2007 while I was a juvenile corrections officer. I built such a good relationship with the kids that it was only right to do something that helped them in a positive way.”

The Most Rewarding Part

The legacy Coach Ford continues to set is that hard work is the ultimate thing one must instill before ever venturing out to accomplish something. The athletes that have come through the “sleeper academy” have been athletes that most didn’t take the time to see their full potential and full potential is what is brought out of every athlete once they step foot into Zoe Sports Performance. Top athletes that started with Coach Ford always feel the desire to make a trip and give back to the younger athletes. Not only is Coach Ford and his coaches training these athletes but yet athletes that were coached by Coach Ford and his coaches. All in all it’s a beautiful and inspiring thing that Zoe Sports Performance has done in Richmond (TX).

Smiling, Coach Ford stated, “that’s probably the most rewarding part of this job, to actually see my athletes start off and finish as champions. That’s the best paycheck I get when I see my athletes achieve their goals.” Giving up is never an option while training at Zoe’s his passion for greatness will shine through to you. No matter if you have to crawl to complete something or even have someone pick you up and take you, giving up is NOT an option!

What Coach Ford Lives By

“What I tell my guys, if you continue to work hard at what you love to do good things are going to come out of it. If you don’t have the desire to do something then why are you doing it? You must be determined to endure the process and to understand that it’s a process,” stated Ford. “YOU will get what you want when you put in the work!”

Want to get started with Zoe Sports Performance?

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