IN HIS OWN WORDS: Upcoming Artist/Producer Kendall Davidson Lets The World Know Who He Is [EXCLUSIVE]

I’m just a young buck from the crazy and dope city of St Louis, Missouri trying to spread positivity through the gifts that were given to me.

My love of music stems from a very young age. I grew up on a lot of Jazz and Soul consisting of Roy Ayers and Herbie Hancock and Earth Wind and Fire just to name a few. My Grandma would play these records and I instantly fell in love. Yet, that love didn’t transition into making music till years later. I used to always write short stories at a young age.  Automatically I wanted to make them into films by being the only child for a while my imagination was huge. I would dream and write about different worlds and ideas and that kind of lead me to poetry which transitioned to rap. Some would argue that it’s the same. I agree. I made my first song when I was about 14. I had just started high school. I’m now 25 and I have been consistently making music ever since. As far as my sound today; I Can’t take all the credit without mentioning my cousin Jay Toke and the homie Chris Cruiz which make up the duo the Obscure Rebellion. Everything is in house literally from recording live instrumentation, producing and mixing in the living room of my cousin’s apartment. We all just really click on so many levels which corresponds with the music that we make together. Forever grateful for those guys. They push me to be the best me.

That passion for film never stopped as well. I got my first camera when I was 8 years old. I would film any and everything. Anytime it was an event or family function I had a camera out. Which later made me want to start my own production company, The Freshman Project.


Which is what I use to release my art: (music, films, music videos etc). The idea was to build a brand that creates dope things and I can honestly say that dream is being kept alive I couldn’t do it without my team (Ricky Rock and Eddie P). Also just being able to blend my two passions music and film is amazing to me. From making the music and to be able to articulate it visually.

What’s next on the table is me releasing my next album, Nights Like These. It’s been a process of over 2 years creating this. A lot of growth can be heard from becoming a man to everyday experiences as well as becoming a better artist.

The release date is Sept 22.

Stay connected with me on Instagram: @kdfreshman and check out my music page on Facebook: Kendall Davidson. Also, my website is

Kendall Davidson’s new single “This Evening” official video [CLICK ME]


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