Carolina Love?

Never in history has there ever been an African American NFL team owner, and with the events sparking within the NFL over social injustice, there’s absolutely no doubt what could happen.

Businessman Sean Combs better known as the rapper, P Diddy or Puffy triggered multiple fuses on Twitter stating that he wanted to buy the The Carolina Panthers.

Diddy is a wealthy man, with a net worth estimated by Forbes at over $800 million. But the team could easily go for much more than that; it is estimated at a value of $2.3 billion, and teams often sell for more than their estimated worth, per The New York Times.

As Combs’ tweet transcended across the internet well-known athletes, Stephen Curry and Colin Kaepernick joined the power movement.

With Curry and Kaepernick both trending throughout social media and news outlets for both President Trump’s comments directed to them and social injustice for African Americans and minorities here in America.

If Combs’, Curry, and Kaepernick actually fall through and purchase the Panthers, the NFL atmosphere is up for a twist that hasn’t been done before. Not only will this team be under the first African American ownership but will be viewed as a team of power within the African American community.

As seen throughout history, when African Americans come together as one, positive outcomes arise.

With the winning of Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama proves that the voice of the African American and minority community has a greater impact when working towards a like-minded goal.

Jones won about 50 percent of the vote compared with about 49 percent for Moore, with Jones benefiting from strong African American turnout and a white share of the vote about twice as large as Barack Obama won in 2008, per The Washington Post.

This triple action duo just might be onto something far greater than what meets the eye.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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